Bee removal "cut out" from a cinder block wall in Santa Barbara by Santa Barbara Hives.

Bees in a cinder block wall in Santa Barbara. They were there for five years but were less and less interested in sharing the backyard with children playing and the family working in the yard so they needed to be removed. Thank you so much to the tenants and the landlord for doing the right thing for the bees by calling Santa Barbara Hives so we could remove them and take them to one of our bee yards where they have plenty space to grow!

Santa Barbara Hives Bee Rescue

Getting them out of the wall required chipping away at the wall to get to them so we could cut out their comb, place it in a hive box and get the bees into the box and remove them from the property. Not so easy but we are happy to help save the bees anytime we can. This is a very good example of why a "cut out" is more involved than a "swarm rescue" with bees hanging from a branch or bush.

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