About Us

It all starts with the bees for us.

A Flow Hive in fact.

We decided we wanted one and found a local beekeeper who would sell us a “nuc” but we never could have imagined how much we would love watching them be installed in our hive, watching them come and go, inspecting the hive and the tie-in to nature. The connection seems obvious but doing it, watching it, feeling it is incredibly gratifying. We decided we needed more bees. Many more bees. Now we have close to 700 hives sprinkled across Santa Barbara County and the fun has only just begun. Raw honey from the American Riviera, beeswax, candles, soap, Jun (kombucha made with honey), bath, body, home so many incredible things to make…thanks to the bees. We are opening a possibly unique and certainly unusual store in Carpinteria, CA, with assembled Flow Hives, where you can buy a beehive or body butter. Chilled Jun or accessories for your cheese plate.

Most of our items, except the Flow Hives, are available on our online store.

People thank us for saving the bees but we are pretty sure the bees are saving us.

We look forward to seeing you online or in store.

Thank you for supporting the bees!

Proud Members of:

California Beekeepers Association-Santa Barbara HivesCalifornia Master Beekeeper Program