Cyanotypes with Emily Brummond

Please join us Sunday June 4th from 12 to 2pm for a Cyanotype Workshop with 

Emily Brummond 

at Santa Barbara Hives, 3328 State St. Santa Barbara, CA

Cyanotype Workshop with Emily Brummond at Santa Barbara Hives

Cyanotypes with Emily Brummond

We will be creating gorgeous floral prints and patches using pressed flowers and botanicals, cyanotype developing compounds and sunlight! Our guests will take home various sizes of canvas patches of their own making, which they may then use to upcycle a favorite pair of jeans, or patch over any garment that is stained, ripped or just needs love! If you’re not into patches, you may instead frame and hang your floral cyanotype art as decoration! 

*Larger patches/prints are not self-adhering and will need to be sown or quilted onto your garment. I can connect you with more info on that if desired.

*Frames and framing materials are not included in this workshop.

Emily Brummond Cyanotype Workshop
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