Jose Falconi paintings at Santa Barbara Hives

Painter Jose Falconi opening at Santa Barbara Hives Carpinteria

Please join us Saturday June 3rd from 1 to 3pm for the opening exhibit for Jose Falconi 

at Santa Barbara Hives-Carpinteria, 516 Palm Ave Carpinteria, CA. 

Jose Falconi opening at Santa Barbara Hives

Jose Falconi

 I am an Ecuadorian born artist. To this day, my home country and its varied nature remains one of the main sources of inspiration for my art: from Galapagos Islands and beaches, to eternal glaciers, rolling hills and lagoons, colonial gold filled cities and churches, to the Amazon forest. It has been my pleasure to guide visitors around. At a young age, I fell in love with the majestic Andes mountains, and later became a mountain climber. All these powerful sights and sensations remain within me and inspire the vibrant symbolism and colors of my paintings. 

Throughout the years, I’ve traveled with my family to many parts of the world. I lived in Costa Rica, the USA, Belgium, and from there traveled to dozens of other states and countries, especially around Europe. I am now living in Baja, Mexico near the California border. This has opened doors and given me inspiration. 

I have been able to continuously find freedom and creativity exploring my sense of identity and incorporating a little piece of each place, all with the support of my loved ones. My art reflects these many locations, cultures, sceneries, dreams, and stories, blending the impressions and memories with emotional strokes and strong colors. 

I am now excited to be able to share my work and vision with you. I provide here a range of styles and themes, mostly focusing on nature and dreams. I hope you will enjoy and find inspiration… and  join me on my journey!

José Falconi 

Jose Falconi at Santa Barbara Hives
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