Santa Barbara Hives wraps your gifts using environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible

At Santa Barbara Hives we approach as many decisions as possible with "what would the bees think"? The bees would frown on single use plastic and our marine life friends most certainly would. We use environmentally sustainable packaging whenever possible. From our tissue paper, stickers, packaging tape, water soluble peanuts and card board boxes. 

As part of the NOISSUE Eco Packaging Alliance, trees are planted every time we order our packaging supplies to wrap up your products.

So, your support of Santa Barbara Hives translates directly into:

  1. supporting our bees allowing them to thrive and grow in numbers every year
  2. a tree is planted with every purchase you make thanks to The Eden Project (currently planting trees in Mangroves in Madagascar)
  3. trees are planted in the United States every time we order packaging supplies 



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