CHAGA LIFE SERIES at Santa Barbara Hives with French Laundry Chef Akiko Sunazawa

Our store, at 516 Palm Ave in Carpinteria, is open and full of exciting things from local artists, artisans, jewelers and purveyors but we are also kicking off our event series with two fantastic Chefs! 

CHAGA: Saturday July 17th 1-4pm

at Santa Barbara Hives 516 Palm Ave, Carpinteria

Please join French Laundry Chef, Akiko Sunazawa, as she introduces us to Chaga from the Chaga Co. Chaga is an incredible ant-oxidant, anti-inflammatory mushroom (in powder form) which can be added to any food. Come taste it on duck confit, cheese, honey and more. Chaga can be purchased at Santa Barbara Hives in several delicious teas, cold brew coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate, elixir and salt.

This is a FREE event open to the public.

SUMMER DINNER: Saturday July 24th 7-10pm

at Santa Barbara Hives 516 Palm Ave, Carpinteria

Please join Chef Christopher Rayman of Sprout Craft Creamery.

"We come together seasonally, to provide an elevated multiple-course plant-based gathering to honor and celebrate the seasonality of food, the beauty of community, and the sensuality of fine taste via the plant kingdom.

Join us for our first gathering of the season on July 24, 2021 from 7 pm onward, as we come together in Carpinteria California at the home of Santa Barbara Hives.

At sunset, we will feature a multiple-course dinner featuring a colorful and nourishing spread of local, seasonal, organic cuisine. Giving thanks to our beloved neighboring farmers who provide most of our living foods!

We look forward to communing with you in the plant magic realm for another sensory journey a la Summer!"

20 person limit. PLEASE RESERVE HERE

Questions, please contact Chef Rayman



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