Cyanotype print on denim

Cyanotype Print Workshop at Santa Barbara Hives

Join us Saturday, May 21st, 12-2pm, for a Cyanotype Patches & Prints Workshop with Emily Brummond!

We will be creating gorgeous floral prints and patches using pressed flowers and botanicals, cyanotype developing compounds and sunlight! Our guests will take home various sizes of canvas patches of their own making, which they may then use to upcycle a favorite pair of jeans, or patch over any garment that is stained, ripped or just needs love! 

If you’re not into patches, you may instead frame and hang your floral cyanotype art as decoration! 
*Larger patches/prints are not self-adhering and will need to be sown or quilted onto your garment. I can connect you with more info on that if desired.*Frames and framing materials are not included in this workshop.


Cyanotype print on denim for workshop at Santa Barbara Hives
Cyanotype print on denim

The Cyanotype Print Process

"A cyanotype is a monochrome print or image made by placing objects on a pre-prepared light-sensitive surface.

As cyanotypes are created without a camera, the prints or images they create are correctly called ‘photograms’. The very name ‘cyanotype’ is derived from the Ancient Greek words for ‘dark blue’ and ‘mark/impression/type’.

The vast majority of cyanotype printing creates a negative photographic image on a dark blue surface – the light-sensitive surface is exposed to the sun to ‘develop’, capturing the shadow of the objects placed on the surface, creating a stencil-style image.

This precursor to modern photography was discovered in 1842 by Sir John Hershel, and was quickly adopted and experimented with by various artists. This photoreactive process was also used in the early period of reprography, most notably for blueprints. As cyanotypes create a negative image once exposed and fixed, the original technical drawing would be reproduced as white lines on a blue background – hence how they got the name of blueprints."

Sign Up

The class is limited to 14 participants. Please email to reserve your spot! The workshop will take place at Santa Barbara Hives at 3328 State St. Santa Barbara (at Las Positas). Please park at First Bank on the corner. We look forward to seeing you!

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