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Santa Barbara Hives

Hive Check

Hive Check

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The only way to know what is happening in your hive is to check the hive and, ideally, this happens no less than once every two weeks so you can detect and fix any issues if there are any.

  1. Do you have a laying Queen?
  2. Is she young and laying eggs consistently or is she failing and laying spotty brood?
  3. Are there pests in the hive (ants, varroa mite, hive beetles, spiders, wax moths)?
  4. Does the hive need a varroa treatment or "sub" (pollen substitute to stimulate brood development or sugar syrup to feed the bees)?
  5. Are there swarm cells?
  6. Is there a water source nearby?

We offer Hive Checks as a service and/or a learning opportunity if you are able to join us in the hive check. We offer this service in the Santa Barbara (Montecito, Carpinteria, Goleta, and Santa Ynez area). 

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